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The Sunrise Petal Company has a small team of experienced and uniquely talented floral artists. The studio is home to music playing, dogs and children investigating the blooms, lots of laughter, joke telling and sunshine beaming through the windows. 

We believe in creating floral art that lasts a lifetime and specialize in wedding arrangements that create a truly memorable event.

...with a flare for playful, curious, thoughtfully-eclectic design

a floral design studio

Class of '14; BS Agricultural Science, Benz School of Floral Design, Aggie Bonfire and Northgate gave me some great memories. I studied floral design at the Benz School and earned my teaching certificate where I taught HS Agriculture and Floral Design for 8 years.

I'm a proud Texas A&M Aggie

Kevin, my husband, asked me to be his girlfriend - in the Taco Bell parking lot my junior year of HS and we've been together ever since. We live on 5 acres in Lockhart with our two dogs and cat. We're absolute TX BBQ snobs and love trying new bars and restaurants -- and then judging them as if we're yelpers.

married to my High School sweetheart

My current obsession is a good iced espresso -- (I highly recommend the Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso from Starbucks and a Moon Shaker from Summermoon) My perfect Saturday morning starts at a coffee shop for a coffee and then a walk in an antique or plant shop!

coffee is fuel and happiness

My favs are shows like Haunting of Hill House/Bly Manor, Stranger Things... love movies like The Black Phone or The Strangers... Listening to Podcasts like My Fav Murder or Night Owl Podcast

fan of all things horror + spooky

I'm not a morning person by nature, but I love a good sunrise when you have to work for it. I find so much joy, hope and meaning in it, knowing that the sun will rise everyday even when I don't set my eyes on it - this is why our name involves a sunrise.

I love a good sunrise

here for the fun?

For years I have dreamed of being a florist and making a career of creating beauty, working with wonderful people and building a life for my family that prioritized togetherness. I taught high school floral design for 8 years after studying agriculture science and floral design.

While teaching, I had the opportunity to practice my skills, experiment and play with flowers. I trained countless students in competitive floral contests and teams. As my skills grew I was sought after for wedding flowers and began my business alongside teaching.

After time, the silly little dream became a reality that I couldn't pass up and I am still so thankful for the opportunity each couple offers us every day! While I am no longer in the classroom, I am so proud of the accomplishments and the lessons I also learned. I am forever growing and learning more every day. 

The Sunrise Petal Company is proud of its roots with its founder Lindsey Perry having over a decade’s worth of experience, and classical floral-school training as the foundation of our team’s skills and expertise. 

Lindsey Perry

Meet our founder

Emma began her career in floral design as a high school student, almost a decade ago. She studied horticulture at Texas State and became a certified florist. With years of experience as a florist, Emma loves being part of the Sunrise Petal team, and dreams of eventually being a full time farmer and teaching her community about where their food comes from. Her current favorite flowers are poppies and anemones.

Outside of work, Emma's world centers around her husband, their two kids, and all of their animals. (They have quail, chickens and ducks, and Emma would own every kind of poultry if her husband would let her!) Emma's family describes her as very creative, goofy and always fun to be around.


the team

Studio Manager, Designer

There is something to look forward to and to work toward. Sunrise a great reminder of all of the new beginnings on the horizon of that day and days to come.


More than anything, it's more than just flowers; we celebrate new beginnings, highlight how fun and unique each couple is and inevitably lend to the creation of core memories.

immersive experiences

We believe in quality over quantity and are dedicated to creating a fuss-free, enjoyable experience for each couple from beginning to end.

Quality Service

We believe in those crazy beautiful dreams and ideas that live in our heads! We fully support jumping in and running with it.

following dreams

We believe in your family as well as our own and look forward to connecting with our couples and those they hold dear.

community and family

in short, we believe in...

We are reminded that not every condition is perfect and in life, nothing that is worth enjoying or celebrating comes easy; both literally and figuratively. There are storms, clouds and imperfect conditions and so when we see a bright beaming sunrise in all of its glory, we are elated and reminded of this.  

We appreciate the intimate, quiet and early hours of the morning and the purposeful effort to wake early. So much of the work that we do are for weddings, the sunrise is a reminder that there is something to look forward to and to work towards in love. We see these celebrations as beautiful moments to celebrate now as we look forward to the future. 

a sunrise

There is something so special about

our floral services

We believe in creating floral art that lasts a lifetime. 

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