The Mountains are Calling | Heather + Taylor | Telluride, CO | Destination Wedding Florist

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The Mountains are Calling | Heather + Taylor | Telluride, CO | Destination Wedding Florist

The Mountains are Calling – Destination Wedding Flowers

In the captivating mountain town of Telluride, Colorado, Heather and Taylor’s wedding unfolded like a winter fairy tale, where the term ‘cold feet’ took on a literal meaning. Set against the pristine snowy slopes, their union was a testament to love’s warmth amidst the chill, a celebration of nature’s grandeur, and the joy of exchanging vows in a magical mountain town. We traveled to Colorado as a destination wedding florist to celebrate their splendid day.

This destination wedding was an intimate gathering, with the couple surrounded by their nearest and dearest against the breathtaking canvas of a snowy mountain landscape. The ceremony, held on the slopes, provided an ethereal backdrop, a stark yet romantic contrast against the snow-covered mountains. As a destination wedding florist working in the Colorado mountains, the challenge was met with enthusiasm, incorporating evergreen Christmas greenery and bursts of rich burgundy and maroon floral hues. Each ground floral arrangement became a brushstroke in the winter tableau, adding an element of natural elegance to the snowy surroundings.

The ceremony, with its grounded framing florals, was not just a moment in time but a thoughtful design element with a dual purpose. These carefully crafted florals that were set at the feet of the bride and groom were repurposed in the reception hall, seamlessly transitioning from the outdoor celebration to the cozy indoor space where dinner would be shared. It was a conscious effort to not only infuse the ceremony with beauty but to carry that beauty into the later part of the celebration, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious design throughout the day.

For the florals, Heather embraced a palette that echoed the winter season. Evergreen winter foliage took center stage, a symbol of resilience and everlasting love. Paired with rich maroon and burgundy tones, accented by cool blues reminiscent of the snowy surroundings, the floral arrangements became more than just decorations; they were an integral part of the narrative, weaving through the celebration and tying together the visual elements.

As the couple exchanged vows against the stunning mountain backdrop, the florals stood witness, adding a touch of natural opulence to an already magical moment. Heather and Taylor’s winter wonderland wedding in Telluride became a harmonious blend of nature’s beauty and thoughtful design, a celebration where ‘cold feet’ were not a concern, but rather, a delightful part of a love story written against a snowy mountain canvas.

destination wedding florist colorado utah texas

The Vendors

Photography – Abie Livesay –

Florals – The Sunrise Petal Company –

Ceremony Location – Mountain Lodge Telluride –

Wedding Dress- Grace Loves Lace –

xx Lindsey Perry, The Sunrise Petal Company

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